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DeathShrine's Development

Currently working hard on developing a level 255 Fun Server with unique features, focusing on balance and a solid foundation for our continued development over time.

Want more info? Read our info thread!

Don't forget we have our own Discord as well!

DeathShrine's Changelog & Roadmap

Feel free to browse over our changelog and roadmap where we display all our development goals and achievements.

Looking for Testers!

The server is now open for everyone to test our content and provide feedback! Do keep in mind we're still developing and ALL the data will be wiped out once we are done with this test phase, which should take place when we believe we're stable enough and provide enough quality content based upon your feedback and tests.

To contribute even further, you may request to become an official Tester and gain access to shortcuts and the ability to test new systems & changes before everyone else.

Help Us Keep Track!

Become part of the active community by providing suggestions and reporting bugs!

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