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All About Payments

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In this thread we will discuss all about payments. Please be sure to read this BEFORE donating!
DeathShrine accepts only PayPal payments and does not support any refund via any third party program, site, app or extension, hereby declaring refunding is possible only from in-game materials (points-consuming items or features) into Donation Points, and only limited to the administration team's approval.

Transferring your real-world U.S Dollars to Donation Points can be done only through our official website under the "Donate" button on the website or within your account panel. DO NOT use ANY third-party apps, programs or individuals who claim they can do it for you!
Always be sure you DO NOT send your payment to an email, our information is already filled and is billed with receipt!

Donating means contributing money (U.S Dollars) to our server and expect nothing in return (hereby: donation). However, we decided it'll be appropriate to reward our donors with points (hereby: donation points) as a thank-you gesture.

Donating helps us further develop the server and invest this money back into the server in terms of hiring new developers and staff members, improving our technology so our community will have better gameplay experience and invest into advertisement campaigns to attract more members.
Doing so is ENTIRELY voluntary and is not being forced upon anyone. While it is highly appreciated, we must say this in advance: it is your choice to donate to DeathShrine.com!

Donating provides a shorter way to get the better goods in-game, which are accessible 24/7 for free. No in-game item is bound to donate-only method, everything can be obtained even without donating. Choosing to donate to get a specific item or feature is only to get things done faster!

Refunds are bound to the administration team and will be discussed in private, each case to its own. In order to ask for refunds, you must purchase an in-game item via the Donor Shop so it will be logged in our logs. Only then, and based upon prices at the time of donation, refund will be possible to take place.

Items prices may change at all times without any warnings or notices in advance. We will try to prevent it as much as possible, but cannot commit to it!

We highly appreciate your interest in donating.

Do keep in mind, our rules still apply on your account, disregarding your donation. Be sure you follow the rules to not put your account at risk! Be sure you read it entirely!

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