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Staff Rules

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The following rules apply on staff members only. No member is part of this specific rule set and will never suffer from any punishment or warning in regards to this specific rule set that is dedicated only for staff members. There are no punishments for these rules as action will be taken as soon as the realm's Head Administrator allows it (or puts an Administrator in charge of such situations).

The following rules are accepted automatically once the interview in-game has ended. You will NOT get your rank until you specifically link the address and add an "I agree to these terms" comment at the side of your message to let us screenshot it. Failure of following the rules might lead to several results, starting with 1 or 2 ranks demotion onto complete removal from the staff list and might even lead to server-exclusion and a blacklist. You have power, do NOT abuse it.

  1. Private & classified information: no staff member is to share private or classified information of any kind. As a staff member you might have access to unstable or private data that are currently not shared with the public, including an update pack (Alpha/Beta) notes or a member / staff member's username / additional account characters / email address / IP / transactions. Sharing any information that has not been approved by a Head Administrator, a Head Developer or a Community Manager is not allowed unless specified otherwise or shared with the very individual you're attempting to chat in order to verify identity. If you're unsure - ask.
  2. Content abuse & events: no staff member is to give away free items, quests, access, NPC-access, loot or any other content for no justified reason or without permission.
    A staff member is allowed to host events (if permitted by a Head Game Master or above) and give away an appropriate award (which is being listed in the forum - nothing else unless approved by a Supervisor and above) for the winner only. Participation or 2nd / 3rd place awards are optional as long as they are greatly reduced from the 1st winner's award (ask a Head Game Master for this).
    In terms of compensation or a refund, this will need to be done through a Supervisor and above in cooperation with a Community Manager to verify all the logs before taking action.
    Giving away items through mail is NEVER allowed for staff members.
    Completing quests or spawning NPCs for one-time-usage ("shortcut") is NOT allowed.
  3. NPCs aura, reset & morphs: no staff member is allowed to reset NPCs for no reason (unless a specific creature is bugged). This includes world bosses, mall NPCs, dummies etc. If you see an NPC with a visual effect on it please unaura all the creature and try to demorph to get it back to its default state. This means we have a potential miss-click by a VIP or just an abuser we need to search for.
  4. Appropriate English & speech, shortcuts & actions against members / staff members: please use appropriate English. Do not use shortcuts such as "u" instead of "you" or gr8 m8" and so on. Use full character names and not partial nicknames (character name is Instadev, being called Insta). Try to look as professional as possible.
    Do not swear at members or fellow staff members, you are to be mature and professional at all times. "He started" or "I'll finish this" are not valid EXCUSES.
    Never threat another member or staff member!
    Never take action against a member for no reason (hereby: abuse) unless a rule has been broken. You may go only according to what the rules say or as a Head Game Master or above instructs you to do at this given moment if not specified otherwise. If you're unsure - ask.
    You are NOT allowed to take action against a fellow staff member at all times, with or without approval! There are Administrators and a Head Administrator for that and they are online to do it themselves to ensure it all has been done cleanly and safely.
    Note: in the application you were asked how good your English is, keep that in mind.
  5. Commands: spawning random NPCs, objects or adding/removing teleport locations, disables and data is not allowed. Guild creation, VIP grant, morph or random summon/teleport commands on members for no justified reason and approval are not allowed!
  6. General GM rules: being visible in public is not allowed. If you wish to have a chat with someone, either whisper or summon to your own place.
    - You may ask for your own place from an Administrator and above once you've reached a Head Game Master rank. Until then, you may use GM Island or another staff member's location - if allowed.
    You are not allowed to ban, kick or mute someone for no valid justification, even a fellow staff member. "It was a joke", "he started", "to log out faster" and such excuses are not acceptable.
    DeathShrine's staff is about hierarchy. You do as you've been asked to do. If you believe there is discrimination involved or you think you are being fooled or played with, instantly turn to an Administrator or above.
    While no task is there, you are to execute your role appropriately, which means - at all times: answering tickets, server rules enforcement, providing assistance & help to the community as well as hosting events. The gap between each event to another will be determined by the Head Administrator.
    If you're not sure what your role is, check the roles definition thread. If you do not know how something is being done, ask. Do not attempt and fail if you can simply ask and a guide will be presented. If you're unsure what needs to be done at a specific situation - ask.
    When there is a new application, as a Game Master and above you are allowed to express your opinion based on personal interaction with the individual and upon the application itself. If you had any troublesome events with the individual please share so it will be taken into account.

    7. Reporting: going away for more than a day will require you to announce in advance. If it was not planned, you can inform the Head Administrator on the go via any communication platform you two share in common or post in the proper section on the forum.
    After banning a member you must ALWAYS provide a proof right after banning the member in case an appeal will be made. Failing to do so will delay the appeal and once it reaches 24 hours the member will be unbanned disregarding the felony and it will come with a price.
    When encountering a bug you must instantly report directly to a developer or post in the bug tracker after verifying it does not exist there already.

    8. Leaks: just like with testers, some staff members will have access to hidden content we are not yet ready to release. Providing any information of any sort is forbidden!

    9. There will always be critiques.

Important notes:

  • Our command are being logged.
  • GMs trades are being logged.
  • GMs mailbox-related actions are being logged.

All of those is to ensure maximum safety for a clean and safe community and for easy access in case we need to trace a problem or a misunderstanding. This data is NEVER being moderated or shared with the public and is displayed as it is for the permitted individuals (determined by a Head Developer). If proof is needed, this is a legitimate source of further actions.

When banning a member you must first of all check previous bans list to ensure the following ban is according to the chain of execution as listed within the rules. Once the ban has laded, be sure to alert your fellow staff members where the proof is and be ready to handle a ban appeal by providing this proof. Failing to do so within 24 hours can lead to account's unban disregarding the offense, even advertising. If you're unable to respond, a higher ranked staff member can reply instead of you with or without your permission.

As a Game Master and above you have the right to get paid with Staff Points. Each Staff Point will be equal to a different number of Vote Points and Donor Points and that amount is determined by the realm's Head Administrator. It is very dynamic and can change every second, as long as the Head Administrator wants it to change. Be sure to check the best conversion rate and be sure the listed ALTERNATIVE (non-GM) account is YOURS. No refunds are possible.
There will be a fixed fee for each conversion so it might be smart to save up to a decent amount before converting.
Higher ranks get higher amount of Staff Points, but the same conversion rate.

It is your responsibility to always remain up to date with the latest news and updates and continuously seek for ways to improve your service and the server as a whole.

While being a staff member you automatically agree to previous rules: player rules, tester rules and you agree that you have understood "All About Payments" thread to its fullest (to assist other members in case they do not).

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