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Player Rules

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DeathShrine's General Rules

  • Once you create an account on DeathShrine you automatically agree to all of the rules below - failure to do so can lead into a character, account or IP suspensions. Duration may vary based on the severity of your felony.
  • This post may not always cover all the required rules for clean and safe game-play, therefore if a staff member finds your recent act(s) problematic, they reserve the right to take action (if permitted to do so by the staff's agenda).
  • Punishments may differ based on the damage caused (if not listed & agreed upon by the Administration team).
  • Please note that this thread will constantly remain under time-to-time modifications, sometimes without any announcements. Checking it from time to time is highly recommended.
  • Possible punishment that is being listed beneath the rule is by an ascending order, starting from 1st offense to the last offense by its specified order.
    - When a mute is being specified, it can be either world chat mute (which is a less severe punishment) or a normal mute (which is the standard punishment).
    - When we see (+number for further offenses) it means the previously mentioned punishment + the listed amount of additional punishment and every time this felony repeats it will be +2 the previous punishment.


1. DeathShrine is an English speaking server, therefore we ask you to keep other languages out of world chat and any other public communication methods that are intended for English only usage (such as General, Trade, LocalDefense and LookingForGroup).
warning, 5 minutes mute, 20 minutes mute + kick, 1 day account ban (+2 for further offenses).

2. Hacking is not accepted on DeathShrine. Hacking means using external programs or internal in-game mechanics or exploits to give you an unfair advantage over other members by any means.
Punishment: 30 days account ban, permanent account ban (with an option for unban), account deletion (no restoration possible).

3. No flooding, spamming or advertising. Note: advertising = mentioning another server's name.
5 minutes mute, 30 minutes mute, 2 days account ban (+3 for further offenses). Important note: advertising = permanent account + IP ban).

  • Editing / deleting and creating a ticket multiple times in a short duration of time is not allowed and is being considered as spamming.
  • Creating a new ticket with a similar or identical problem to a previously already-solved issue within a short time frame is being considered as spamming.

4. Respect other members/staff members and their preferences. Do not insult or annoy other members/staff members.
10 minutes mute, 1 hour mute, 2 days account ban (+3 for further offenses).

  • No racism, vulgar vocabulary abuse and humiliation.
  • Discussing forbidden/classified topics and/or sharing illegal materials is not allowed.

5. No scamming - using another member's trust/gullibility/lack of knowledge for joke or any sort of one-sided advantage at the cost of another's belongings/data.
10 days account ban, 60 days account ban (+120 for further offenses).

6. Do not impersonate another member/staff member. 
Punishment for members: 10 days account ban, 30 days account ban (+15 for further offenses).
for staff members: 30 days account ban, 120 days account ban (+60 for further offenses).

  • Impersonating a staff member is more severe and will inflict additional punishment(s).
  • DeathShrine's staff members will NEVER ask for your login credentials, will NEVER ask for your private information (unless specifically specified in the rules that they are allowed to do so) and will ALWAYS have a <GM> tag (or a <Dev> tag for developers) and a GM chat (badge) enabled in the text field.

7. Please do not whisper staff members in-game unless you are permitted to do so. If you have a question please create a ticket. If you have anything to report, use the ticket system or the report page on the forum.
warning, 5 minutes mute, 15 minutes mute, 1 hour mute (+3 for further offenses).

  • Asking questions in world chat is allowed but if you need personal attention please create a ticket and a staff member will contact to you as soon as possible.

8. Only you are allowed to use your account. Do not give your password to anyone and do not attempt to log into anyone else's account.
Punishment: permanent account + IP ban. 

  • Using another member's accounts is NOT accepted.
  • If a member is asking you to log into their account or give them the password for your account for any reason, say "no" and report immediately! Note: we will need a proof to initiate our handling over the situation, please be sure to provide evidence.
  • This also means you are not allowed to access abandoned accounts either, even with their permission.

9. Found bugs must be reported on the forum or by creating a ticket in-game or using the forum's bug report form. Exploiting bugs and using them for own advantage is not allowed.
Punishment: 2 days account ban, 5 days account ban, 10 days account ban (+3 for further offenses).

  • Do not report bugs in world chat.
  • If reported on the forum, please fill the "Report a Bug" form.

10. Members have the right to appeal the server's staff decisions on the forum by creating a support ticket. A proof is required along with a full and accurate description of the incident and an explanation for why the staff member's action was not fair or legal. Posting an appeal/complaint with false information or withholding important piece of information is not allowed and considered as a possible fraud attempt.
ignorance of the current appeal, 30 days account + IP ban (+30 for further offenses).

11. You have the right to claim refund on any items/stats/spell lost as a result of a bug or the server staff's fault. In order to get a refund you need to create a new support ticket and include all the details and circumstances accompanied by evidence (screenshot/video). Faking an evidence is strictly forbidden!
Additionally, if your loss is a result of a bug, post a bug report (see #9).
20 days account ban, 60 days account + IP ban (+30 for further offenses).

12. Being found with added spells or items is not allowed as we consider it as having an advantage over other members through CHEATING.
Punishment: added spells/items removal + warning, account ban (permanent with an option for unban) until said otherwise by a Supervisor+ with a written statement of the member of how it has been achieved.

  • The item / spell will get removed from the member.
  • If the member refuses to have the item / spell removed (logging out in the process of removal) the character will get locked and only being unlocked after the item / spell will be removed.
  • In addition if the member logs on another character immediately after trying to avoid item / spell removal he will be punished accordingly.

13. Having a character or guild with inappropriate names is not accepted on DeathShrine.
guild/character force rename, 5 days account ban (+3 for further offenses).

  • The character found with such names will be flagged for a name change, if being found a second time with another name like that - will lead into character deletion.
  • Guilds with such names will be disbanded immediately.

14. Respect other member's privacy. Don't give any information regarding other members' online information or personal life.
20 days account ban, 60 days account ban (+30 for further offenses). 

15. A staff member with a minimal rank of Supervisor is allowed to ask you for proof of your donations at random frequency. Refusing to do so will lead to extended investigation led by the same Supervisor or above.
account lock until said otherwise by a Supervisor+ OR valid donation proof has been given by the member.

16. Running around with heavy visual spells is forbidden. Avoiding casting visual spells on NPCs or members without their approval.
unaura + warning, character kick, 1 day account ban (+1 for further offenses).

17. Do not go into places that are not meant for public usage, such as GM Island or staff's private zones.
recall + warning, kick + 2nd warning, 1 day account ban (+1 for further offenses).

  • Summoning members to these areas is forbidden.

Anyone breaking the rules above may be banned from the server. VIPs and staff members are NOT excluded from following the rules.



1. Do not use VIP commands in order to flee out of combat (.tele, .summon, .appear).

2. No VIP is allowed to summon or appear to another member or staff member without permission to do so.

3. Don't use any commands to cause any member or staff member's client to crash or force a character to get stuck.

4. Using VIP commands to cheat in events is not accepted.

5. Teleportation to staff private zones is strictly forbidden, same for summoning other members or staff members in there.

6. Don't create guilds for anyone unless they gave you permission for it.

7. Don't use very large or very small morphs to your advantage during PvP.

8. Don't morph other members or staff members without their approval first. Morphing NPCs is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL!

9. No invisible or near-invisible morphs are allowed.

Important note: VIPs will have their own streak system, each felony increases the count by 1. When reaching 3, the issue will be moved to a Supervisor+ and an appropriate punishment will be decided at the given moment. Note that the ability to remove your VIP entirely is bound to an Administrator+ and will take place whenever needed, based on these events. For appeal purposes, contact the administration team through a support ticket.



Important notes:

1. DeathShrine holds a custom anticheat version that automatically bans all hackers for a specific duration of time as required by the system's modifiers.

  • The ban duration are: 30 days, permanent (with an option for an unban) and an account deletion.
  • Note that all ban appeals created in regards of hacking may be declined if the appeal is being posted along with a screenshot of the system's automated ban message (which is colored in different text colors and is impossible to fake directly in-game). By displaying the screenshot, ban appeal can be denied instantly.
  • Once denied and you still think you should be unbanned, contact an Administrator by creating a support ticket.

2. All donations given to DeathShrine are being given willingly. DeathShrine's staff members will NEVER force anyone to pay to play. Once you have donated, you agree that the money will not return to you under any circumstances. Once the transaction has been completed, your account will hold an amount of Donor Points (the same value as the amount of US Dollars you have donated) and if, at any time, a refund will be needed - it will affect your Donor Points value. Nothing else.
More information can be displayed here.

3. DeathShrine is NOT to be held responsible for ANY attempted action (or possibly fraud) made through the game/forum or third party programs in regards to player-to-player transactions, goods, services, sales or deals. Being caught doing so will result in an appropriate punishment for both sides, if information is found and enough proof has been collected.

4. DeathShrine is NOT to be held responsible for ANY attempted PC/information intrusion attempts (or successes) through possible viruses, trojans, keyloggers or any other unauthorized (not shared by DeathShrine's staff through the forum) third party program, executable file (or any extension for this matter) or websites. We do NOT recommend downloading files from a non-trust-worthy source nor do we recommend opening a malware-infected site that is possibly being sent by a member of the community or a staff member. If you suspect the site or file is corrupted or infected, don't go there (or don't download it) and report so we'll be able to quickly and safely remove it! Failing to do so will be at your own risk and DeathShrine's staff, community or Administration team is NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!

5. DeathShrine has some built-in security systems that will function automatically. Please pay attention to what they notify you as some of them might have a built-in ban mechanic implemented.

6. DeathShrine reserves the right to require members to re-validate their email address from time to time in order to make sure no spam emails were used. This takes place at random occasions and it is meant to help us validate our records so it'll always be up to date.
Failing to validate your account will result in account lock until the account is re-validated, disregarding progress of any character within this account.
In case of any misunderstanding or failure to comply, feel free to contact us.
This process cannot and will not be excluded from any account.

7. Multiboxing will notify all online staff members to keep an eye while PvPing. That does not mean we disallow multiboxing, we just would not like to have it abused in PvP. **This is for a test duration and is subject to change at any time.

Staff members have their own additional rules, which can be found here.
Testers have their own additional rules, which can be found here.

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