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Testers Rules

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Please be sure to read all the rules carefully. These rules are meant to help both sides, the community AND the applicants and future testers of DeathShrine. Please be sure you completely understand them and realize that once there's any sign of any rule being broken - your tester account will be terminated & you will no longer be able to apply for this position again.

1. Testers will NOT share ANY information about what they witness on any test realm. Doing so is called leaking, and we do not tolerate it. Leaking information is forbidden and will be treated with contract termination immediately, as well as possible additional main-account actions such as, but not limited to maximum of 30 days account ban.

2. Testers will treat each other with respect and will make sure to keep all things on test realm professional. Testers will co-operate with each other and will avoid fighting as much as possible. We do not wish to have an argument in our test group and ask you all to be mature and keep it professional.

3. Testers have a todo-list. Your job as a tester is to follow that list and make sure you report every aspect of it. Your personal opinion MATTERS! If you have anything to say - please do so!
Do keep in mind that reporting bugs is A MUST.

4. Testers still create a new account when accepted and will enlist this account as a test account. When the test duration has ended, the account will be suspended until needed another time, which will, once again, require everyone to re-apply. If accepted for a 2nd time you will not need to create a new account, you will have your old one available, but all characters will be wiped out.

5. Testers help us test to build a better server and provide high quality content. No compensation is guaranteed! There might be rewards for testers, but they depend on the administration team. Please do not ask for rewards, it will not contribute to this cause in any way.

6. Testers still must follow all the rest of the rules (player, forum, staff rules) as they are still part of this community.

7. Testers will not share their accounts by any means.

8. Testers ARE NOT staff members! Do not feel like you must help anybody in need, you are a tester and you must, at all times, keep doing your work. You will work closely with staff members and developers, but that doesn't mean you do their job. You do your job.
Impersonating a staff member (even with "permission" from a staff member) is not allowed and will lead to severe consequences.

As a member of our community, you're still bound to all player rules! Failing to do so will lead to account suspension and even termination!

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