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DeathShrine Forum v1

Released 01/04/21

Key Changes

- Removed bug-tracker from guests' viewing permission list
- Added guests the ability to view Information & Announcements, Rules & Regulations, Release Notes, Roadmap, Our Community, General Discussions, Guides & Tutorials, Questions & Answers, Free Chat, Self Introduction and Forum Games
- Added forum-to-Discord widget that will now post automatically whenever there's a new update, a new task, a new bug report, a new suggestion or a new application (reports & ban appeal included). Please note that most of them are visible to the staff only in staff-only channels
- Added a new freebies system where you can invite friends to unlock access to some neat freebies
- Rules & Regulations are adjusted, be sure you check them out
- Very shortly a detailed roadmap will be out for everyone to read through and understand what we plan to do with Deathshrine's Onslaught (our 255 realm) and Exiled (our level 80 realm)
- Server premium rankings are undergoing, as well as a new launcher which will be published as soon as it is ready. We're missing a few key features, but they are being worked on

Additional Information

The freebies include, but are not limited to:
- 25% discount on any donation (given when you invite 3 friends)
- $50 worth of points through a coupon you can apply onto your account (given when you invite 7 friends)
- ONE OF THE THREE: x1 full free tier 6 character | VIP for 3 months | double Donor Points on your next donation
One Grand Prize: 5 people with the most points will gain access to all the 3 rewards by filling in the missing two (as you are limited to one only).
In order to participate you need a valid email address, verifications are being submitted to your listed email address. Be sure you read the terms of agreement & instructions of usage BEFORE entering the freebie campaign.


A few side notes:

  • We're currently communicating with reliable sources for legit giveaways. The current plans are set to Discord Nitro, Disney+, Netflix, HBO and Spotify. More information about that will be given as soon as possible.
  • Expect some intense in-game changes very shortly. A total character wipeout will take place once we're done testing our added work, which should include dungeons to gear up to tier 6 (through the set "Zerxis"), tier 5/6 of 4 additional set manufacturers & their long-awaited storyline, and POSSIBLY tier 7 dungeon ground work.
  • People who migrated here from Sana-WoW and have messaged me regarding their previous donations, I still have your information and I will make sure you get your points as soon as we're done wiping characters AFTER we test our impending big update.

While content might have been limited and some would say slacking, it has been more than helpful to us to hear what you have to say and we are thankful for your time and feedback.


I would like to ask for community feedback regarding Playtime Tokens. It is clear that you get x1 Playtime Token every hour, what REALISTIC suggestion you guys can suggest on that regard? How can we use Playtime Tokens in a way you would be pleased?
Let us know in our Discord server: https://discord.gg/E48S4Xs

Thanks for you patience & cooperation!

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