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  3. Instadev

    Gem sockets

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Instadev

    Converto the Converter

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Instadev

    Converto the Converter

    Removed all the currently available exchanges even though it does not give items items without consuming the requirements beforehand. When we use the system again I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for your report!
  6. Cileos97

    Converto the Converter

    Converto gives items without the required mats to convert
  7. SysDev

    Gem sockets

    This has been in the game for however as long gems were. The reason you can put any color gem into any thing, is because "gem sets" were a thing, have enough "blues" and it gave you like +10 extra spirit. This is intended as it's Blizzlike.
  8. Cileos97

    Gem sockets

    also works on multi colored Blue/red socketed into yellow and shows as working gem
  9. Cileos97

    Gem sockets

    Allows you to socket any colored gem into any socket (does not work on meta gems) but Blue gems into red/blue/yellow red into red/blue/yellow ect
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  11. Instadev


    A LOT more has changed!!!
  12. Instadev


    Improved anticheat added DK starting weapons scripted 5484561 new bosses
  13. Instadev

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